About US


It’s an indisputable fact that women are one of the most beautiful creations known to mankind. But even in the beauty and strength that they possess, there are a plethora of issues that women deal with. For this reason, Flashy Wings was created to aid women from all over the world in dealing with the matters of life.
From relationships to fashion, from health to finances – we provide resources on them all. Maybe you’re in need of parenting advice or maybe you want to expose yourself to other cultures. Do you need some new recipes to sample or a little wisdom on dealing with various life circumstances? If so, Flashy Wings is the information central for you!

We publish new articles monthly and always offer blogs, from genuine resources, which can help you through any difficult OR celebratory time in your life. We also host a variety of events throughout the year that allow you to meet other amazing women who’ve been where you’ve been and have stories of triumph to share. Additionally, we partner with the UK Parliament yearly, hosting the Parliament week.

We take great pride in being a non-denominational charity, built on Christian values, that serves people from all walks of life. But while ministry is our assignment, we are not church. Our purpose and focus is to motivate, educate, and inspire women to live life without limits!

If you’re experiencing any type of transition or if you just need some encouragement and faith to press on, Flashy Wings was created for you! You don’t have to sit in silence, fighting thoughts of despair and desperation. We are here to help you hone in on that unique potential you have and allow it to blossom, no matter what test you’re facing.

Love, respect, unity, and growth are just a few of the attributes you’ll gain through Flashy Wings.